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I’ve received my order, but the painting was damaged during delivery, what can I do?

We advise you check the condition of your artwork at the point of delivery and if there are any damages you should notify the delivery company and contact us as soon as possible. We’ll ensure that the return is dealt with as a matter of urgency and all return costs will be covered by us in this case and the matter will be investigated.

Can I return my purchase?

You have 14 days to return your purchase provided that you do so in the original packaging and the painting has not suffered any damages. In this case, the return shipping costs should be covered by the buyer.

I’ve received my artwork and need it installed? Do you offer installation services?

We do not currently offer this service therefore we advise you to contact a reputable art installation agency that has experience in such matters.

How can I make sure that the artists you display are original?

We provide credentials and recognition on every artist’s page including participation in fairs, exhibitions and events, publications, interviews, prizes and much more.

How do you select the artists that you represent in Just-Art Gallery?

All the artists that are featured in Just-Art Gallery are renowned in their field of work. We put great effort and go through a diligent selection process to ensure that all the painters we work with create not only the highest quality art pieces but are also unique and original in their expression. We work both with established and emerging artists from many countries.

How can you guarantee that every art piece you sell is an original?

We issue an original certificate of authenticity for every artwork that we sell through Just-Art Gallery This certificate is a proof of the legitimacy of the origin of the piece for its owner and contains: the artist’s name and signature, the name of the piece, the medium used for the painting, size, year and the name of the owner. The certificate of authenticity is verified by the artist him/herself. Just-ArtGallery authenticate art through the 4ARTapp, which uses a technology based on the blockchain by linking all market participants so they can benefit from greater transparency, security and process efficiency. The forgery-proof biometric passport for artworks guarantees the authenticity of the work and provides exhaustive data about its origin to all collectors. This advanced technology uses a simple app to read the surface structure of the artwork with a smartphone camera and then convert it into a digital fingerprint. The fingerprint, together with information on origin and history, is then secured as a biometric passport that cannot be manipulated afterwards. 4Art is the technology of the future and as such it sets standards in the fields of art, art forgery, catalogue raisonné, provenance, documentation and art trade, all in one app.


How long will it take to get my artwork delivered to my address?

Delivery will depend on your location. Once your order has been processed and your purchase shipped out, we’ll provide you with a tracking code so you can monitor the movement of your artwork.

What are the delivery options on offer from Just-Art Gallery?

We offer free shipping globally and we work with the most reputable courier companies to ensure that your order gets to you on time and in the perfect condition.

How can I pay for the art that I buy from Just-Art Gallery?

We accept most major credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express), bank transfers, Apple Wallet, and many more: Bancontact Belfius Pay Button Credit card EPS Gift cards (Webshop Giftcard, Podium Cadeaukaart, VVV Cadeaukaart, YourGift etc.) Giropay iDEAL ING HomePay KBC/CBC Payment Button Klarna Pay later Klarna Slice it Meal and Eco-vouchers (Appetiz, Cadeau Pass, Chèque Déjeuner, Eco Pass, Lunch Pass, Monizze, PassRestaurant, Swile) MyBank PayPal paysafecard Przelewy24 SEPA Direct Debit SOFORT Banking

How can I buy artwork from Just-Art Gallery?

You can purchase any of the pieces we have for sale by visiting our online shop, coming in person to our address or by phone or email.

Can I visit your gallery?

We don’t have a permanent gallery space but you can visit us at Hobbesteeg 6 1941 CB Beverwijk The Netherlands by making an appointment via telephone or email. We are trying to minimize the number of visitors due to the current situation with Covid19, however you can rest assured we are following the government guidelines and taking all precautionary measures to avoid infection.

Are there any types of artworks that you will not consider selling at Just-Art Gallery?

Yes, we like to keep our focus sharp so will not consider any of the following - sculptures, drawings, prints, installations, ceramics, photography, etc. If you are not sure whether your pieces will be suitable for us, please get in touch.

What kind of art do you offer at Just-Art Gallery?

We pride ourselves in always providing original and unique modern art pieces. Our main focus is on paintings and we have a passion for modern street and pop art with a predilection for the abstract and contemporary. Get in touch with us to present your portfolio and discuss whether your work is suitable and we’ll be happy to discuss the details.

How much do you charge for taking artworks on consignment?

There is no charge when we take one of your pieces on consignment. We will charge commission based on the final sales price.

How long will you take to assess my artwork for consignment purposes?

Once we receive all the information that we require, we will take up to 3 weeks to reach a decision and get back to you.

What do I need to provide when I submit one of my artworks to be considered for consignment?

To submit artwork for consignment, we require your first name and last name and email address and phone number so that we can contact you. In order for our advisors to advise you in the best possible way, we also require the following artwork details: the artist and artwork name, provenance, a brief description, COA if applicable, and a high-res, SM, statements, medium, dimensions, retail prices, etc.

How can I sell my work through Just-Art Gallery on consignment?

We at Just-Art Gallery take artworks on consignment from artists that are not on our select list already. If you are interested, please go to our consignment page and find out more details.

How do I submit my artwork to Just-Art Gallery?

If you are an artist and would like to submit some art for sale on our online gallery, the best way is to get in touch with us. We have certain criteria that we use when we assess an artist for including in our portfolio. You will need to be already established full-time artist at a national or international level. We also look for credentials such as exhibitions at national and international forums, events, museums or galleries. Your bio, art degree details, artist’s portfolio, social media profile and also inclusion in renowned art editions (books, magazines and other publications) is also something we are looking for.