How powerful are the brands that we see every day? Do they have the ability to influence our collective unconsciousness? These are the questions that inspire and perplex Aiiroh Oeuvres on the daily.

Aiiroh Oeuvres is a contemporary French artist who draws inspiration from the world around him in a very unique way. Born in Narbonne in 1987, Aiiroh spent his younger years exploring and honing his love of graffiti art in city train stations across the region, and at the advice of a friend, he soon took up stenciling as a way to create on the fly. With his stencils, Aiiroh was able to create faster and more frequently.

An Affinity for The Affichistes
When Aiiroh discovered the works of artists like Raymond Hains, Villegle, Dufrene, and Rotella – all renowned affichistes of their time – he became obsessed. The poetic dimensions of the affichiste movement as a whole pushed him towards exploring the city streets at night, searching for the perfect pop of color or hint of optimism in a poster of his liking.

An Echo of Expression
While Aiiroh tries not to politicize his affichiste-inspired art, he cannot deny the influence and echo of exhibitions like “France in Shreds” by Raymond Hains. Just like the late visual artist, Aiiroh also deconstructs the norms of our society into abstract and thought-provoking lines and shapes.

Building On Brands
This contemporary French artist creates not only affichiste-inspired art, but also pieces that incorporate different brands and logos in a way that provokes thought and encourages reflection about how these brands have the undeniable power to influence how we live our lives from day to day. Aiiroh is fascinated by the how the strength of different logos could have a collective, unconscious effect on our society’s aesthetic codes, and he spends his time presenting this fascination by creating and sharing his unique art in galleries across the world.

Chaos and Clarity
As a contemporary artist, Aiiroh finds inspiration and creativity in the dripping, anarchial turbulence of his unique compositions. He then harshly contrasts them with the pure, hard lines of famous brand logos (which most notably include works by Indiana, a well-loved American artist) in an incredible juxtaposition that has earned him international recognition.

A Profession Rooted in Passion
In the past few years, Aiiroh has been featured and exhibited in around 20 renowned galleries across the world. His affichiste-inspired art as well as his keen eye for composition has granted him international exhibition opportunities in galleries in Italy, the United States, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Greece, and Israel.

Today, Aiiroh continues to create pieces as a contemporary French artist. His passion and personality have even led to creating artworks for world-renowned brands like Ferrari. While no one knows what the future may hold, Aiiroh is sure to carry on creating art that provokes, engages, and inspires art-lovers from all walks of life.


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