Parscha Mirghawameddin

Parscha Mirghawameddin is a professional German painter who lives, works, and creates in the city of Saarbrucken on the border of France. As one of many self-taught artists in Germany, Parscha differentiates himself by creating daring and larger-than-life abstractions. Parscha has been featured in various exhibitions in Germany from 2008, and is definitely one of the self-taught artists in Germany to watch in the near future.

 The Art of Absurdity and Abstraction

Inspired by vibrant colours and raw emotions, Parscha instills an energy into his work that can be seen by even the most artistically untrained eye. His minimalistic and surreal works inspire, move, and provoke those who see them. His creations are alive with color and meaning.By combining different, textured layers of paint using a variety of sponges, squeegees, knives and (if he truly has to) brushes, Parscha creates pieces that seem to shift and move before your very eyes. Even ordinary objects like spatulas can transform in this professional German painter’s hands as he uses it to create.

While it may seem like Parscha creates without a care, there is a method to the seeming madness. Each color, line, corner, and curve are used in a way that just feels right. Soft lines meet sharp corners and bright shades seamlessly blend into more subtle tones without feeling forced or synthetic. There’s no denying that this innate skill for subtle, authentic compositions is what will set Parscha in a league of his own amongst other self-taught artists in Germany.


The Art of Being Human

Most art is subjective, but some special pieces transcend reasoning and wordlessly speak to who we are when no one is looking, even when we’re asleep. By using dreamy surfaces and shades, Parscha creates uniquely inspiring compositions that leave an impression on the viewer long after they’ve seen his work.

To Parscha, his work is more than just a way to earn a living – it’s his very reason for living in the first place. Like other self-taught artists in Germany, Parscha’s art is an expression of himself, his ideas, his feelings, and his inner-most thoughts.More often than not, his art is inspired by his very dreams, with color compositions coming to him in his sleep. Art is what connects Parscha to who he truly is, and he hopes that his work can do the same for those who see it for themselves.


The Art of Childlike Wonder

There’s a childlike simplicity to this professional German painter’s work, which is perfectly fitting considering he often presents workshops and exhibitions for children. Having been represented in various private collections across Germany and beyond, Parscha’s art serves to inspire viewers of all ages to marvel, wonder, and gaze at the colours that never seem to fade with age.

We’re excited to see where life takes this professional German painter – and how he will use his art medium to express how he lives it. For more information about Parscha Mirghawameddin or his art, contact us now.


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